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My name is Alex. I love playing guitar, listening to music, and chillin with friends.

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Posted by mega-ultra-KH-fan - April 7th, 2017

Our newest song "Saishu Ketai" will be released today or tomorrow so keep a look out! And be sure to show some friends (:

Posted by mega-ultra-KH-fan - October 27th, 2014

Deception is out! It is Essence of Decimation's first single (and the first song written by us 3 years ago) and we are prouf to present it to you guys! If you enjoy get yourself a free download and share it with a friend! We are trying are best to get everything right for our first live performance and to release a full EP ! Stay tuned and check us out on the web at Facebook, Mbptunes, Reverbnation and Soundcloud.


I hope you all are doing well and take it easy (: Alex Heath - Lead Guitarist

Posted by mega-ultra-KH-fan - July 15th, 2014

Hey guys! This is my first real update since YEARS ago when I first made my newgroundsa ccount, long before I was a musician. I would like everyone to know if there is anything that you liked on this page please go check out havi\kbstones account, that is our ex-guitarist, but due to use being on great terms he still lets me use that account to keep some of my plays and tracks on newgrounds. So if you can't get enough of what you've heard on my page go check him out or go look us up on Facebook! Or soundcloud....reverbnation...mptunes...you know anythwhere you can find us :D


Our FIRST SINGLE is in PRE PRODUCTION RIGHT NOW 7/14/2014Q!! I will be releasing it to Newgrounds when it is done but it could still take a while. Clean vocals still need to be tracked and the band has to all go and agree on everything. Thanks so much guys


The Positivity I received from Blahblah blew me away and has sparked the flame to keep pushing as a musician, and to never let any boundaries hold me back from making what i want to make!


Lead Guitarist of Essence of Decimations - Alex Heath signing out. We all love everyone of you who listen to our music! Take it easy and stay safe guys.