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Dont listen to the people who only care about humor value in flash because this is and masterpiece, ingeniusly animated and a witty plot. Keep up the good work!

Nice. 10/10

The type of humor u use is great, its the akward,real humor...with a side of stupid ;]. Good job. I Loved it, cant wait to see more.

Lino responds:

You will! :D

pretty funny

well i liked it just 1 thing ... plz dont insult kisame hes cool

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Daigo15 you're off a little, Zone-sama is a girl, and she gets paid by HentaiKey not the Zone website. The Zone website you're referring to her private page hosted by HentaiKey. None the less this is a great game, as is everything else she makes. @_@;

Lolz fun

Haha i got a WTF SADISTIC lolz good game :] all i got to say!


well REforever101 i dont know many but to get super sonic beat classic with sonic without dieing completely (losing every life and asked to continue) thats all i got >>; sry well newho AWESOME GAME

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Oh man, I just recorded my first single (which from a technical stand point is my least complex) and I know you've got some chops for such a clean recording. Did you do this yourself (the recording) or did you go to a studio? However I'd love for you to check out my songs. They are all at the moment through guitar pro 6 and other mixing programs to further the quality since we just got the money together as a band for our first recording. It should be out soon with the vocals and all, but anyways whether you check out my music or not, kudos on such a good piece!

Also I found you through a forum post by asking if there were any progressive/metal music fans and authors up here I should know about and I would love to talk about a collab or something!!

Kor-Rune responds:

Thanks! I use addictive drums, its kind of like a premixed drum machine I do minor tweaks on as needed. The other instruments really don't sound that great LOL. If I can suggest a recording technique, just get the drums and bass sounding good and most everything else is ez. I'm kind of busy to collab but maybe in the future yes! Thanks again!

Awesome stuff man, composure and layout of this song is brilliant as is technical and awesone!

Lashmush responds:


Very sludge like, I can't lie I enjoyed it but to be honest I'm not sure why! It was just infectious somehow probably the chill vocals!

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